Ajay J. Sinha
  Room 207
 (413) 538-2473

I teach the history of Asian art. The accompanying image suggests my teaching method. An elaborate front of a modern movie theater in Bombay, India, reflects stone carvings from a famous, two thousand year old, Buddhist site at Sanchi in Central India. The long, painted banner advertising the theater's current screening matches three, horizontal bands of Buddhist stories above it, relating the modern cinema to ancient story-telling even while the two mediums of public entertainment differ.

I convey to my students how the history of the visual arts in India, China, Japan, and other Asian countries similarly reflects each culture's concrete connections between past and present, memory and reality, religious and secular life.I grew up in India, where I finished my M.A. and taught in art schools, receiving my Ph.D. in the History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. My research specialty is Indian art. I have traveled on research grants to various parts of India, and have published articles on India's religious art and architecture and on Contemporary Indian Art.

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