Louise Freeland Jenkins 1911

[Yearbook Photo]
Image courtesy of
Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections

Louise Freeland Jenkins 1911
Address in 1937: 383 Ellsworth Ave New Haven CT
MA 1917 MHC
student 1926 Hartford Theological Seminary
student 1920-1924 Japanese Language School
assistant (astronomy) 1911-1913 MHC
secretary and computer 1913-1915 Allegheny Observatory Pittsburgh PA
instructor (astronomy) 1915-1920 MHC
missionary teacher 1920-1932 Japan
teacher 1932-?? Yale University
grandmother was Eliza Whittemore Jenkins x1849

I wonder if her fascination with Halley's Comet contributed to her eventual job at Allegheny Observatory.

All information from One Hundred Year Biographical Directory of Mount Holyoke College 1837-1937, Bulletin Series 30, no. 5; published and compiled by the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts